Just a few amazing SBB transformations

Success Stories from the SBB Community

Bianca is so passionate about supporting everyone's growth. I can see that as I get stronger and fitter, I'm also growing in other ways as well. So much of that comes down to her personality and the relationships she has with her clients.


Before starting with SBB I struggled with technique and motivation. I wouldn’t push myself and struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have now been training with SBB for the past 3 years. I genuinely enjoy exercising now and am amazed at what I am actually capable of.


Since joining Stronger by B, I’ve found that I am actually motivated to workout now and I am enjoying it more than I ever have before. B has shown continuous support from day one and has guided me in becoming stronger and fitter each session.


B is by far the best women's fitness trainer. Since training at SBB, I have learnt so much about the limits of my own body and training styles. I would highly recommend SBB to anyone considering a new training program.


I’ve been training with Bianca for around 5 years now & I can’t imagine my life without her programs! I’ve been through a lot in those 5 years, from broken bones to body image issues & plain old life struggles; Stronger by B is my escape & my place to focus on nothing but me.


Bianca is amazing at creating new workouts and making sure you are getting the most out of every rep. SBB has definitely changed the way I look at exercising, fitness and strength training.


Joining SBB was one of the best decisions I've made, not only have I gained confidence but I have gained so much strength and knowledge that I would have never been able to gain on my own. I am achieving my goals and expanding my knowledge on why we do certain things for certain muscle groups.


I started with SBB this year and I've loved it! I have been going to other gyms for years before joining SBB and have never found the motivation and support that Bianca gives everyone each session. She really helps with technique and encourages you to want to make yourself better and stronger.