The 8-Week Shred eBook


The 8-week Shred is an eight-week challenge that requires little to no equipment and is designed to burn body fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness! These workouts can be completed anywhere you’d like whether it be in your home, backyard, gym, or local park.

This program is a digital download jam-packed with custom workouts that can be scheduled into your personal routine in a flexible and sustainable way. You have a total of 4 workouts to complete each week and these workouts can range anywhere between 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the workout and the intensity you chose to complete it at!


Consider this the busy gal program with loads of full-body workouts that are designed to be fast-paced and straight to the point. This program allows you to enjoy exercise anywhere while burning stubborn body fat and improving your overall fitness. Because you choose the intensity and pace you want to complete each workout this program would suit a beginner starting out on their fitness journey all the way through to someone who already is an avid fitness junkie and needs an easy to access program for when they are away on holidays or can’t make it to their usual gym HIIT class.

Expect to sweat, chase your breath, shred the excess body fat and to feel energized and amazing!


This program can be completed using no equipment or you can incorporate a skipping rope and a set of dumbbells.


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