Hi there! My name is Bianca- Aussie Fitness Trainer

I have a huge love for Strength, Simplicity and Sunshine… Oh and fashion!! I do what I do with one simple mission in mind; to create, inspire and guide.

Fitness and living healthfully completely changed my life. I’ve experienced a lot since becoming a trainer from swimwear modelling, gracing magazines, and calendars, practising Brazilian Jujitsu to bodybuilding, fitness shoots and competing on the powerlifting platforms. When starting out on my own fitness journey I was a total cardio bunny, I feared pretty much any other form of working out that wasn’t running because I once believed all those myths you hear about weights making women bulky and taking away their femininity.

Of course these myths are SO far from the truth and fast forward to now my training heavily revolves around resistance training which is what has helped me feel strong physically and mentally, allowed me to achieve my desired body shape and most importantly given me confidence in myself on so many levels.​

Working out and staying healthy has been a part of my lifestyle for a long time now and will be for the rest of my life. Now through my sustainable and holistic training programs, it can be the same for you too. No matter your goal, know that you are capable, and the possibilities are endless with a bit of self-love, consistency, and the right guidance on your side.

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